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9:00 Bible Study
10:00 Worship Service
10:15 Kids' Sunday School (following Children's Sermonette)
11:00 Fellowship

As followers of Jesus Christ
we seek to:

• Know and Share God’s love unconditionally
• Encourage and Nurture spiritual growth of individuals and families
• Build and Serve the community

About Our Church

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church was formed in March 1972 through the merger of Bethany Lutheran Church of Santa Clara and the old Grace Lutheran Church of downtown San Jose.

Grace Lutheran Church was formed in 1895 by the Rev. Victor G. Tressler, and served San Jose for 80 years. Its closure was the result of new earthquake standards.

Bethany Lutheran Church was formed in 1951 by the Rev. George R. Flora, who had recently returned from missionary service in Africa and was commissioned to establish a church in Santa Clara. In 1969, the Rev. Kenneth M. Bancroft became the pastor of Bethany and was instrumental in bringing about the accord which resulted in the merger between the two churches, now known as Our Savior’s.

Our present congregation has combined the strong and faithful ministries of the two previous churches and continues to serve the Lord through the commitment of its members and the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

You can learn about our current pastor by clicking the “Meet Pastor Ed” link above. Pastor Ed and all the members extend to you a very warm welcome as well as an open invitation to share in the history of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, and to be a very important part of our future.